Trentham Passive House - Pouring The Slab!

This new build in Trentham is for a retired couple that were looking to spend their days in the most warm and comfortable home they could. We’re very excited about how this one will look!

We’ve been working hard on the design for several months now, and in the depths of winter, we have completed the house slab.

Trentham is cold - very, very cold. We’ve already experienced a dusting of snow on the construction site; an unpleasant surprise for our trades that day. However, thanks to the preliminary Passive House modelling by Grün Consulting we were prepared. Their analysis showed that the conditions called for an increase in the XPS slab insulation to compensate. This preliminary modelling is carried out on all of our Passive House designs to ensure that they meet the strict requirements of thermal performance, all year round.

In the photo, you can see the plumbing and electrical penetrations coming up through the insulation, slab mesh and hydronic system. The planning and execution of these penetrations is especially important as we strive for minimal thermal bridging and an efficient construction process.

Just days after this photo was taken, the concrete was poured and received the treatment required for our burnished slab finish; it’s looking great! Now it is time to let it cure properly before we start framing.

Stay tuned!