“The quality of the build and attention to detail is evident inside and out.”

KErri erler  |  Aphi projects client


Our Story

Aphi Projects is a Design and Construct building company based in Geelong, Victoria.  Over the past 15 years, Directors Scott McClelland and Dale Roberts have developed a unique set of skills, ensuring each of our projects is of the highest standard in design and construction whilst also delivering optimum thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

Their practical experience, knowledge and ongoing professional development ensures the team at Aphi Projects are well equipped to deliver projects that integrate quality design with continually evolving building science and technology. Strong relationships with design and construction professionals, craftspeople and fabricators worldwide enable Aphi Projects to provide quality and long lasting constructions which exceed relevant Australian Standards.

Aphi Projects prides itself on education, communication, hard work and persistence to deliver quality, durable, functional and beautifully built environments. 



By embracing Passive House construction technology and the core principles of building science, Aphi Projects commit to delivering the highest level of thermal comfort and design through the world’s most rigorous testing and certification standards.



Goals are important. They are the difference between a regular building and one that meets the strict performance criteria that Passive House demands. Everything that makes a building comfortable: light, air quality, temperature, design and materials are just a few of the many elements we bring together to create spaces that are unparalleled in comfort

Passive house

Certifying your project means that it meets the world’s best standards for thermal performance and comfort.


We bring together quality materials and craftsmanship, we aim to deliver you the best possible project.


A considered, collaborative design process gets you the best design outcomes: A building that is durable, does it’s job and is beautiful.

design & construct

Our full service approach gives your project the best chance to stay on budget, on time and exceed your expectations!